Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) - Contact Centre & Social Media Management

Every brand, which provides products and/or services to end-consumers, also needs to complete the loop of letting the consumer reach back to the brand.

The interaction could be for pre/post sales queries, product/service support, payments, feedback and complaints. The channels to connect keep growing with new platforms being added each day. We help the brands manage their platforms where the consumer reaches back to the brand.

Platforms include voice (contact center) and non-voice (social media, sms, chatbots, apps and many more). We help the brands connect with the consumers’ preferred channel.

These platforms help the brands’ marketing, sales , R&D, regulatory/compliance, recruitment, CSR and other functions manage the brands’ responsiveness towards its consumers.

    Our contact / call center services include:

  • ● Customer Care
  • ● Inbound and Outbound
  • ● Collections and Retention
  • ● Product & Technology Support
  • ● Social media management for consumer facing (B2C) brands

We extend our expertise and capabilities beyond the above listed services for collaborative growth and deepening our relationships with our clients.

Our Vision