Parking Management System

Our Vision

Due to increase in human population in India, number of vehicles on road is increasing day by day. Which is giving rise to the need of multi-level parking lots. People tend to get frustrated in finding a parking spot in huge parking lots if not guided properly.

Vision Plus Parking Management System helps people in guiding parking spots with ease on real time basis as well as providing a smooth flow of traffic to increase the revenue collection. Once a vehicle enters a parking lot it can be guided with the help of sensors and over-head lights on the availability of parking spots. For example, a green light indicates available parking lot where as red light indicates already parked lot. Hence the driver can navigate himself to the nearest available spot. This reduces the dependency on human intervention and hence reduces operational costs.

Vision Plus provides a technologically advanced RFID tag-based parking management system which is a unique way of collecting parking fees. Customers can fill certain amount of money in the tags through POS facilities. It facilitates for cashless transactions that would otherwise be in the hands of an operator. The RFID tag fitted vehicle can enter a parking lot; the tag gets validated by RFID readers along with Automated Number Plate Recognition cameras at the entry point. When the vehicle is at exit point, another RFID reader detects the time spent in the parking lot in a price bracket and automatically deducts the respective amount from the tag. In case of any violations the vehicle can be guided to the POS facility where he can pay the penalties.