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Student Tracking System

Our Vision

The safety and check of the students is of primary importance to any educational institution. And also, a lot of effort goes in manual recording, storage and retrieval of attendance records. By automating this process, a lot of manual administrative efforts are reduced for the staff and school authorities. Having digital records helps with analytics and patterns, which could be utilised to improve the learning standards.

  • • Bus Attendance
  • • Student attendance
  • • School Attendance System

    A few key benefits are:

  • • Auto SMS Notification to parents on Entry / Exit of Students.
  • • 100% Wireless Plug and play system.
  • • No Need of Computer, No wiring required.
  • • No Need of Internet.
  • • Just Need to plug On the electricity supply.
  • • Zero Cost Implementation.
  • • Report can be viewed anywhere from world.
  • • Daily / Monthly absentee report.
  • • Daily attendance register.
  • • SMS Report Alert.
Our Vision
Our Vision