Campus WiFi

Campus WiFi serves as a very important purpose of linking faculty with students as well as with one another. It leads to the creation of the necessary infrastructure for faculty engagement with all stakeholders. It supports both: formal and informal learning and communication among all on the campus. For most students, the WiFi networks are the primary way of connecting while on the campus. Seamless access to email, and other avenues of learning, can dramatically change the way our students go about their academic pursuits. WiFi can lead to a convergence between voice and video, while liberating the students from the constraints of location. WiFi is also easy for the administration to manage as they have to manage only one central Access Point (AP).

VisionPlus offers WiFi enabled campuses with a proper data centre, a Giga Ethernet backbone and enterprise backend solutions having a speed of 100 mbps or more as required by the client.

Some of the benefits of having a WiFi system are:

1. Students can roam around the campus and still be in touch with their class. They can be reached through Internet whenever required.

2. The WiFi systems enables video conferencing and audio video lectures.

3. Institutes can conduct online synchronised training sessions and online exams.

4. It also helps in Admissions, placements and internship.

5. It even allows some reputed companies to conduct recruitment via video conferencing on campus.

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