Toll Management System

Toll Management System (TMS) is required by the authorities to collect tax and recover the capital outlay incurred on the cost of construction, repairs, maintenance, expenses on toll operation to provide reduced travel time and increased level to service to citizens.

VisionPlus’ Intelligent toll management system provides an advanced and fraud-free transaction management allowing for a steady, accurate, and traceable financial flow. The deployed systems work independently within their control. The entire intelligent toll system is capable of monitoring multiple toll plazas by way of data-driven controls and video monitoring capabilities at the main command and control center.

Our Vision

    Some of the solution’s features include:

  • • Fully automatic and semi-automatic toll collection system
  • • Each Lane easily upgradable to ETC functionality (as per NHAI/ Govt of India guidelines)
  • • Electronic Toll Collection System fully integrated with Indian Bank’s Clearing House
  • • Interactive Graphical User Interface System for Toll Collection
  • • No Revenue Leakage
  • • High performance Automatic Vehicle classification system(AVC) with more than 98% accuracy
  • • Customized report generation for audit purposes
  • • Allows lane integration with our ATMS & Speed Enforcement systems for violation tickets at toll plaza

    Some of the solution’s benefits include:

  • • Smooth traffic flow that minimizes leakages and increases revenue collection
  • • Handling more than 150,000+ passenger car unit (PCU) per day
  • • Fraud and incident detection, easing operations and minimizing risk
  • • Determination of exact toll charge through Automated Vehicle Classification
  • • Detection of overweight vehicles using violation controls like Weight in Motion
  • • Faster and accurate processing of vehicle data via Automatic Number Plate reading system and works in conjunction with Speed Enforcement systems