Consulting and Advisory

Vision Plus believes in solving the organisational challenges collaboratively.

The overall approach is broken down into the people, process, and technology elements. We divide the elements into strategic, tactical and operational with the appropriate methodology, timelines & milestones. This matrix helps in defining the current state of the department, function or organisation and the desired state. Once these are clearly defined, a bridging method from the current to the desired state is deliberated with the key stakeholders. This is done in a discussion workshop, so that it brings an alignment across the various internal and external stakeholders.

We are not limited to the above sectors only and are open to creating intelligent integrated systems for newer sectors or ecosystems, irrespective of the size and nature of the business.

We provide consulting and advisory services for strategic, functional, operational, technical, M&A and other areas, be it intra or inter-organisational. We offer these agnostic to industry sector, geography and size of the organisation.

Our Vision