Library Management System

We have developed a unique state-of-the-art Library Management System which helps the Librarian to keep a complete track of books, periodicals, journals, book banks, etc.

The system is capable of maintaining multiple registers for different sections of the school & college like Junior, Senior, University, UGC, etc. The system can manage different asset types like book banks, periodicals, journals, CD’s, videos, tapes, etc.

The Library Management System is divided into different modules so that you can choose as per your requirement, number of books and volume of work. You can add modules as and when required.

Modules Includes:

  • A. Acquisition
  • B. Acquisition
  • C. Circulation
    • • Book Issue
    • • Book Bank
    • • Book Reservation
  • D. Periodicals
  • E. Book Search
  • F. Book Binding
  • G. Budget
  • H. Stock Verification