Education Domain

Solution platforms and packages have been created for the Education sector, but only the very large institutions with deep pockets can procure these. This sector needs many other components, which are not available as part of the standard solutions for any other industry, let alone this one. Also, due to the variability of the school structures, there is a high need of customisation of components and integration of various solutions.
We provide technology-led solutions for improving the operational efficiencies and addressing the safety needs of the schools, colleges and universities.

We help digitise and automate various processes leading to better efficiencies, insightful analytics and smarter operations. Processes include:

  • ● Technology infrastructure
  • ● Library Management System
  • ● Campus WiFi
  • ● Smart Classes
  • ● Student Tracking System
  • ● Attendance System
  • ● Secured Printing Solution
  • ● Online Examination
  • ● Online registration, recruitment (for faculty) and admission (for students)