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University & School Management System

The Universities are driven by the performance and the learning ability of the students and the courses that the university offers. The primary aim of an University is preparing the students and imparting knowledge to the students that will produce enlightened students who can contribute in the furthering of knowledge in the specific disciplines of study, to the business and society. Vision Plus’s UMS attempts to achieve all these and helps the management of the institute to run a self-sustainable knowledge house that can meet the above needs.

Our University Management System Offers following Key features:

    • Academic Modules
  • A. Student Management
  • B. Course Management
  • C. Library Management
  • D. Examinations

    • Financial Modules
  • A. Accounting and budgeting management
  • B. HR & Payroll Management
  • C. Fee Collection

    • Administrative Modules
  • A. Inventory Management
  • B. Staff & Faculty management
  • C. Facility Management
  • D. eNotice
  • E. Security / User rights
  • F. Attendance Management
  • G. Fundraising Management
  • H. Parent Portal
  • I. Registration Management
Our Vision