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Smart Classes

"Smart classes" empowers rich joint effort between the school organization, kids, instructors and guardians. Vision Plus’s Smart Class solution is an advanced teaching tool to be operated by the teachers. It helps the teachers to show videos and latest stories on different topics. Therefore as a value add, our Smart Class solution helps the students connect to the concept by engulfing with stories and cartoons and good learning animations.

Some of the advantages of our Smart Classroom solution are:

Our Vision
  • a) Access to Online resources
  • b) Advantageous for the absentees by referring to the recorded lectures.
  • c) Health friendly (no use of Chalk & Marker)
  • d) Improves teacher effectiveness and productivity in class.
  • e) It brings abstract and difficult curriculum concepts to life inside classrooms.
  • f) Makes learning an enjoyable experience for students.
  • g) Improves academic performance of students.
  • h) Enables instant formative assessment of learning outcomes in class.
  • i) It also enables teachers to instantly assess and evaluate the learning achieved by their students in class.

This solution provides both, the teachers and students, a real-time and interactive medium for sharing knowledge and receiving content & teaching style feedback.